The End?

And now we come to the end (maybe?) In any case, I have made a number of changes to the graphics and the text of my atlas project (including not a few spelling and grammar corrections. Apparently InDesign doesn’t have a spell-checker. Urk.) Here is the PDF:




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Cut Footage and Coming Attractions

First thing this week, I’m going to talk about the comparison that didn’t make it into my draft for the atlas project. The games in the Assassin’s Creed series are set in a alternate history rife with science fiction and conspiracy. However, the historical locations explored by the player in the games feature highly realistic reconstructions of major buildings and landmarks. This is especially true in the second game, which is set in Renaissance Italy and showcases many of the famous landmarks in Florence and Venice from that period. Like many of the sandbox games that are set in real world locations, the maps and area that the player can explore in Assassin’s Creed 2 is not identical to the real world location. However, the designers of the game chose another method to recreate the locations in a way that would resonate with the player and create the impression of a recreation.

Map not oriented to north. Ignore the diamond icons, they're in-game indicators

Comparing that map to this tourist map shows that, while the space in-between the landmarks, marked in darker gray on the in-game map, is not nessecarily correct, the rough location of each landmark in relation to the others is approximately correct. This demonstrates how video game maps serve to define the space of a game, contextualizing the game location in the terms that serve the narrative of the game, rather than adhering to geographic principles and exact scientific cartography even in realistic games.

In other news, I have here the PDF I used for printing the draft copy of my atlas project.


I already know of several changes that I’m going to make before the final copy. I’m not happy with the background (I think I want to make it even more transparent and to change the color to a slight tan either on the background as a whole or just for the lines and rose. The pictures came out significantly darker than they displayed on any monitor I looked at them on, so I’m going to brighten them to help them stand out better (they became very dim on the printout)